About Us - Leah Mattoli

Liz and Leah have over 20 years behind the camera.

Liz grew up with her photographer mother Joyce in Africa and became a professional photographer taking over the family business and travelled all over southern Africa photographing wildlife, commercial shoots but specialising in wedding photography and portraiture.

Leah Amberlerleigh, Liz’s daughter also grew up with this love for photography and after graduating from university joined this family legacy as well as working in commercial photography shooting food, architecture, sports and auto.

Our styles vary depending on the type of shoot we are doing. We are very passionate about wedding photography, it’s a special feeling when you are able to capture those intimate, special and happy moments for a couple. Freezing that moment in time so that it can be cherished forever.

We don’t believe in forcing poses or making you feel awkward, we are always looking for those natural moments in time. When it comes to getting those traditional shots, of course, we can help direct you so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and awkward. It’s your day and we want you relaxed and happy.

When it comes to food, architecture, sports, auto and travel, these are a different kettle of fish, but we believe being a well-rounded photographer means you can intersperse these specialised techniques to influence all aspects of your photography.

The key to our photography is being able to tell a story through the images, whether it’s weddings, architecture, sport, food or auto.

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